Why did you become vegan?” and “How do you get your protein?”

The picture I posted on my instagram yesterday was also posted on my facebook. Now the majority of my friends know I’ve been practicing veganism for the past month. I got a lot of good responses. It’s crazy how much more energy and worth something has when you attach a picture to it. 

At first the negative feedback I got I’m not going to lie was frustrating. But now I’m glad my friends were honest. I have to be able to separate myself from ego and remember I’m doing this not just for me but for everyone else who’s contemplated going vegan. Common questions were ‘Why did you become vegan?” and “How do you get your protein?”. If you haven’t read my previous post (thinking you did read my previous post is pretty egotistical but if you have thanks, your support has helped me tonz) I went vegan because of doctors orders to get rid of my stomach virus. At first I went pescatarian but now I’m full vegan with some instances of missteps. What was at first health reasons has now become ethical and spiritual reasons. When you start to research and uncover a lot of the straight out lies the food industry has gave us you begin to develop a whole new outlook on veganism and vegetarianism. Of course even with the info you can ignore it and continue your ways (which I can honestly say I did for so many years) and not care. I get my protein form lentils, beans, and peas. I was and still am astonish by the nutritional content of lentils. Check them out vegetarians, vegans, and carnivores http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/legumes-and-legume-products/4338/2


I know there’s a lot of my friends that want me to stop but I know there’s a lot of unseen friends that I don’t know personally on her that will be motivated if I can keep this up. So I can’t stop and I won’t stop. I’m all about that vegan life.  


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  • Posted: 13 June 2013